In 1997 general election the Labour Party won a great victory - the largest total number of seats (418) in its 100 year history. His leader of this party T. Blair automatically became Prime minister. They say Tony Blair's personal charm played a great role in this victory. At the age of 44 he made people believe that Labour Party is able to govern Britain .

Tony Blair was born in a middle class family and spent his childhood first in Edinburgh , in Scotland , then in Durham in the north - east of England . He got his education in a private school and in Oxford University , where he studied law. He has the diploma of a lawyer and worked as a barrister in London , when he met his future wife Cherie, a fellow lawyer.

In the 1983 general election T. Blair was a candidate and won a seat in the House of Commons. His wife continued her career as a lawyer and is now at the top of her profession. A married couple has three children - two sons and one daughter. No doubt, it's a happy family.

Why is T. Blair so successful? He was very active as a member of Labour Party and then as its leader. He modernized the party's structure, he promised to the middle - classes not to raise income tax rates. His plans are also to improve education, to give more independence to Scotland and Wales , to reform the election system and some others.

He has five years to fulfill his plans. Let his dreams and plans always come true.



1. What party won in 1997 general election?

2. Who played a great role in this victory?

3. What family does Tony Blair come from?

4. What is he by profession?

5. Is he married?