We must protect our environment.


Our country. Our environment. There are many big and small rivers, green forests, high mountains, lakes and seas in Russia .

Our Earth is our home. I think people must take care of our Mother-Land.

There are some lows and decisions on this important question. We have state organizations which pay attention to this problem.

The international conventions pay much attention to the control of pollution too.

There are a lot of industrial enterprises in our country that's why we can't ignore the problem of the protection of our environment. Our environment must be clean. What must we do for it? We have to control air and water pollution, to study the man's influence on the climate. The pollution of the environment influences the life of animals, plants and our human life. If we don't use chemicals in a proper way we'll pollute our environment.

Our plants and factories dump their waste products into water and atmosphere and pollute the environment.

There are many kids of transport in our big cities, that is why we must pay attention to the protection of our nature and the health of people.

Radiation. Now it has become one of the main problems. It is not good for health of people. Many people died form radiation some years ago in Chernobyl . It was a tragedy.

The main risks of land pollution lie in the indiscriminate dumping of materials and chemicals, fall-out of wastes from the atmosphere and the deposition of wastes from the flood-water. The use of chemicals on farms, too, involves risks as well as benefits to the land.

The people all over the world do everything to protect their nature, to make their country richer, to make their life happier.


Healthy way of living


To be healthy strong and to be in a good mood everybody should:

•  1.      Sleep more then eight hours at night.

•  2.      Do morning exercises and take a shower.

•  3.      Eat some fruits and porridge (it is rich in vitamins)

•  4.      Wash Hands before taking meals

•  5.      Go in for sports to take care of your figure

•  6.      Dress oneself according to the weather

•  7.      Eat only clean (washed) fruits and vegetables

•  8.      Spend more time in the open air (especially in the forest and parks)

•  9.      Eat healthy food

•  10. Not smoke and not drink alcohol

•  11. Not use drugs