Wales .

Wales - one of the most beautiful parts of the British Isles - lies in the west of Britain . There are a lot of mountains and valleys in North Wales . You can see a lot of sheep and not many people here. Showdown, the highest mountain in Wales , is here in the North.

There is much industry and a lot of coalmines in South Wales . Port Talbot is the center of steel industry. Cardiff and Swansea are both very important ports.

If a coal-miner from South Wales wants a holiday he goes to North Wales . If a sheep-farmer from North Wales wants a holiday he goes to South Wales . But both parts of Wales are popular places for tourists.

They speak English and Welsh there, Jones, Williams, Morgan, Evans are very common Welsh family names. The Welsh love music: they like to play the harp. Wales is called "A Sand of Song". They like to sing very much and it is difficult to find a village without a choir. During music festivals singers often wear colorful national costume, A welsh woman wears a red cloak, a long skirt, an apron and a high black hat.

Every year there is a National Eisteddfod - a meeting of Welshmen interested in Welsh poetry, Welsh songs and music, it lasts for a week. About 15 thousand people come to Eisteddfod every day. Some of them want to listen to poems, some-to listen to singing and some... just to speak Welsh. You won't hear much English at an Eisteddfod. Usually there are competitions for the best Welsh poem and song of the year and the best singer. The Druids organize the competitions .


1.What is the most beautiful part of the British Isles ?

2.What are the most important cities in Wales ?

3.Where do Welsh people like to have holidays?

4.Do they speak only English in Wales ?

5.1s Welsh national costume very colorful?

6.What is Eisteddfod?

7.Why do people come to Eisteddfod?