Scotland is a land of mountains, lochs and legends.

Geographically Scotland consists of three main parts; Lowlands in the South, Highlands in the North and Uplands in the West.

Most of the large Scottish cities and towns are in the Lowlands . This is an industrial region of Scotland .The Highlands is a region of mountains, rivers, small towns and villages. The Highlands is a country of great sea-lochs. On the sides of some lochs there are farms, which can only be reached by boats. Loch Lomond and Loch ness are the famous Scottish lakes. Loch Lomond is the largest one, and Loch Ness is the mysterious one. The legend about the Loch Ness monster is known all over the world.

Scotland is a vast territory of about 79000 sq, km, but the population of Scotland is only 5 mln people. The majority of people live in the cities of Edinburgh , Glasgow , Aberdeen and Dundee .

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland . It is a mysterious city of black and brown stone, the city full of supernatural legends. It has a lot of historic buildings and churches.

The Scots have the national colorful costume. The part of this national dress is a kilt. A kilt is a type of chequered skirt. A typical Scotsman should play the bagpipe, which is the national Scottish musical instrument.

A lot of Scottish family names start with "Me" (and "Mac")- like McDonald, Macmillan, or McHale. " Jook" is a popular Scottish name for John or Jack. The Scots speak English, but with their own accent. For example, when a Scot says the word "arm"', he says [arm], so that you can hear the sound "r".

The Highlanders are fond of Highland Games. It is a traditional Scottish meeting with sport competitions, dancing and bagpipe playing. When the games begin, the Highlanders march several kilometers round the villagers before they reach the place of the Games. The pipers march in front, playing the bagpipes. Big and strong Highlanders take part in the Games. They compete with each other in Trowing the Hammer or Tossing the caber. The Hammer is very heavy, and the caber is like a telegraph pole.

Loch =lake, vast- large, mysterious- таинственны и , supernatural- сверхъестественный , kilt - кильт , reach — достигать , piper — волынщик ,

1 .How many parts does Scotland consist of?

2.What is the industrial region of Scotland ?

3.What is the Highlands famous for?

4.Where does most of the population live?

5.What is the capital of Scotland ?

6.Do the Scots have their national costume?

7.What competitions take place during Highland Games?