The Great Romantic.

Lord Byron (1788-1824) didn't live a long life. He was an aristocrat and a fashionable man. But he loved freedom ( свободу ) and a simple country life. His personality attracted Britain and all Europe . He brought to his poetry romanticism of his times. He was talented and handsome, noble and brave. London admired him.

George Gordon Byron was born on January 22 nd , 1788 . He was the san of John Byron and his wife, Catherine, whose ancestors ( предки ) were of the royal house of Stuart. He spent his early years outside the capital. He lived in the north. Later his mother took him to Aberdeen Grammar School and there is a monument to him outside the school. Now it is a museum and art gallery. Later he studied at Harrow School and the University of Cambridge .

When Byron was 19, he came to London . One day the poet wrote, УI woke up ( проснулс¤ ) and found myself ( обнаружил , что ¤ ) famous.Ф It happened after the publication of his autobiographic poem УChilde HaroldФ in 1812.

The fact is that from 1809 to 1811 he had travelled in different parts of Europe and in the poem he described everything that had happened to him.

In the summer of 1816 Byron left Britain forever ( навсегда ). He travelled around Europe and soon he became a member of the Greek liberation movement ( освободительное движение ), for which he died. But he did not lead the Greeks in battle as he wished. He died of fever ( лихорадка ). (262 words).


Choose the correct answer.

1) George Gordon Byron was a) a famous English poet.

b) An English dramatist.


2) When Byron was a boy, he lived a) in London .

b)in Aberdeen .


3)George studied a)at Aberdeen Grammar School , Harrow

School and the University of Cambridge .


4)One day George Byron found himself famous after


a)his visit to Europe .

b)the publication of his poems.

c)the publication of УChilde HaroldФ.


5)George Byron died a)in battle.

b)of fever.