I think people can't live without music. They listen to music, dance to music, they learn to play musical instruments. What is music? It's not only a combination of pleasant sounds. It's an art, which reflect our life. Music reflects people's ideas and emotions. Music is a hobby for many people. They collect music records and like to go to the concerts. There are different kinds of music: opera music, jazz music, folk music, rock and pop music. As for me, I'm fond of rock and pop music. It is listened to all other the world. British popular music is loved by millions of people. ССThe Beatles'' from Liverpool made the pop revolution in the UK . Before them British pop music was based on rock'n'roll, exported from the USA by singers like Elvis Presley.

Beat music, that is pop music with a strong rhythm, appeared. ССThe Beatles'' group included Paul McCartney (1942), John Lennon (1940-1980), George Harrison (1943) and Ringo Star (1940). The group was phenomenally popular in the middle and late 1960-s and now a new wave of popularity goes on. The most popular their songs are: УHey, JudeФ, УYesterdayї, ї GirlФ, УYellow SubmarineФ and many others.




1.Can people live without music?

2.What is music?

3.Are many people fond of music?

4.What kind of music do you know?

5.What music do you like?

6.What was the most popular pop-group in the UK ?

7.What music did the Beatles invent?

8.Who did the group consist of?

9.Do you now their songs?