People can't live without books. Reading plays a very important part in our life. We need books in our everyday life. We read books when we study, we need books when we work, and we read books just for pleasure. Reading books and collecting books is a hobby for many people.

If we want to read this or that book we buy it, take it from our friends or go to the library

where we can take it or read at the reading-hall. Libraries are very important in our life. There are libraries in every big or small town, in every village or some other settlement.

In every library you can see long shelves full of books by different writers, magazines and newspapers. The librarian will always help you to choose the book to read, he will always advise you what book to take.

There are different libraries nowadays. Some of them are very large, some not, some are for specialists in different spheres only, some are for scientific reading. There are libraries of foreign literature (for example the Foreign Literature Library in Moscow ).

But there are libraries famous all over the world. Such is the State Public Library in Moscow . It is Russian biggest collection of books and manuscripts.

In Washington there is the Library of Congress. According to the law, a copy of every book, magazine or newspaper, issued in America , should be kept there.

Who hasn't heard about the famous Library of the British museum in London ? It is the biggest and the most famous library in Great Britain .

Though it is possible to buy almost any book you like nowadays and almost all families have got their home libraries, public libraries are very popular, as only there you can or read some unique books, the books-contemporaries of their authors.

As long as people read, they will always visit libraries.





Vocabulary: manuscript – рукопись

Library – библиотека the Library of Congress –

librarian – библиотекарь Библиотека Конгресса

settlement – поселок according to the law

to choose – выбирать copy -

to advise – советовать to issue –

sphere – отрасль , сфера деятельности the Library of the British Museum -

all over the world – во всем мире Библиотека Британского музея

scientific – научный though - хотя

the State Public library – Государственная unique - уникальный

collection - сборник contemporary - современник