Industry and Agriculture


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the British Isles . The British Isles consists of two large islands: Great Britain and Ireland and a lot of smaller islands. The U.K. unites four countries: England , Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland . Great Britain consists of three countries- England , Scotland , and Wales and doesn't include Northern Ireland , but very often they say У Great Britain Ф when think about the United Kingdom .

People outside outside Great Britain call those who live in the U.K. -the English. But it is not quite right, because there are four nationalities in this state : the English, the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish. English is the official state language but the Scots also speak Scottish, the Welsh-Welsh, the Irish- Irish. England is the largest part of the U.K. and sometimes the U.K. Is also called England .

The population of the U.K. is about 56 million. Most of the people live in large towns G.B. is a highly industrialized country. It is the country where modern industry was born. The lar gest industrial cities and areas are: London , Birmingham , Manchester , Glasgow , Belfast , South and North Wales . The main industrial products in London are clothes, food, planes and cars. In Birmingham they produce machines, cars, lorries, TV- sets and radios. Cotton textile products, computers and electronic equip? ment are made in Manchester . South Wales is known for coal mining, in North Wales steel and chemicals are produced. Ship - building always was, is and will be a very important industry in the U.K. London , Glasgow and Belfast are the main ship - building centers.

Agriculture is also developed in G.B. There a lot cattle-farms and farms producing milk, butter and cheese in many parts of England and ii Scotland . Sheep can be seen in many parts of G.B., too. They give very good wool and also meat. They grow wheat and all kinds of vegetables in England . Fruit, especially apples, also grow in the U.K.


To be situated- располагатьс¤ ; to include- включать ; to consist of - состо¤ть из ; outside Ц вне , зa пределами ; to call- называть , is not quite right- не совсем правильно ; modem- современный ; Cotton-textile- текстильна¤ ; equipment- оборудование ; especially Ц особенно .


Answer the questions:

I . What English-speaking country is situated on the British Isles ?
2. How many islands does the British Isles consist of?

3. Is the member of countries and of the islands the same?

4. How many countries does the U.K. consist of?

5. How many countries does G.B. consist of?

6. Do only the English live in the U.K. ?

7.What languages do they speak?

8. What is the population of the U.K. ?

9.They say the U.K. is an economically developed country. Is it true?

10.What are the main industrial cities and areas in G.B.?

11. What do they produce?

12.Do they produce meat and agricultural products?

13. What is grown in the fields and gardens?


•  1.       Make up table 1.

Country Nationality Language
e.g. English the English English

11. Make up table 2..


London they produce steel electronic equipment

Birmingham is/are produced clothes cars and lorries

Manchester is/are made chemicals coal mining

Glasgow machines radios

Belfast TV sets food

Computers planes

Ships textile products


Ill. Agree or disagree with following statements.

-The U.K. and N.I. is situated on the Baghama Islands .

-The British Isles consists of 3 large islands.

-The U.K. unites 2 countries: England and Scotland .

-There is only one nationality in the U.K. -the Welsh.

-They speak only English in the U.K.

-Half of the population in G.B. lives in villages and small towns.

-G.B.' s industry began to develop some years ago.

- The largest industrial centers are: London , Birmingham , Manchester , Glasgow , Belfast .

-They produce cars only in Belfast .

-In London cotton-textile products are made.

- Only oranges and tangerines grow in the fields of G.B.

-You can see only cows on farms.


1V. Ask your friends questions about:

a) geographical names of G.B.

b) population and language

c) the largest industrial centers

e) agricul tural products

V. Make up sentences using the words
-is situated on...
-is produced..

-consist(s) of... -are produced...

-they speak... -is (are) made...

-is called sometimesЕ is knownЕ

-they callЕ -they growЕ

-products are... -is grown...

-they produceЕ