The Forest Institute.


The Forest Institute in Syktyvkar is a huge 4-storeyed building made of brick at 39, Lenin Street . In front of the institute there is a beautiful green lawn with bright flowerbeds in summer. There is also a row of green lawn with some benches under them for people to have a rest on hot summer day.

Then Forest Institute is the youngest among the higher educational institutions in Syktyvkar . It was given the name of the year of 1952. In those times it was a Consultation of the All-Union Extra-Mural Forest Technical Institute. In 1959 it was reorganized into the Syktyvkar Branch of the All-Union Extra-Mural Forest Technical Institute. Later in 1964 it became the Syktyvkar Branch of the Leningrad Forest Technical Academy .

There are several faculties at the institute, such as Mechanical, Chemical-and-Technological faculties and the faculty of Engineering and Economics. There also different kinds of studies: full-time, part-time, evening and correspondence studies, but full-time is becoming more popular. They plan to start training students in a number of new specialties.

Today the institute prepares qualified specialists for forestry and other branches of our economy.

I like this institute because there are very well equipped laboratories in physics, chemistry, technical drawing and modern computer classes. The institute has connections and students exchange with many foreign countries. Take for example Finland , Sweden , the USA (state of Maine ) and others.

There are different students clubs for spending free time: Chess club, Humor and Joke club, and Theatre club.

Many leading specialists in the economy of the republic graduated from this institute: Anatoly Karakcheyev.



Huge- огромный , brick- кирпич , lawn- лужайка , flowerbed- клумба , extra-mural- заочный , branch- ветвь , отделение , correspondence studies- заочное обучение , training- обучение , qualified - квалифицированный , well-equipped- хорошо оборудованный , connections- связи , exchange- обмен , specialty- специальность .


•  1.       Where is the institute situated?

•  2.       How does the institute look like?

•  3.       Is the Forest Institute as old as the Syktyvkar State University and Komi State Pedagogical Institute?

•  4.       When was the institute founded?

•  5.       What happens in 1959?

•  6.       Is the year of 1964 important for the history of the institute?

•  7.       Are there many faculties at the institute?

•  8.       What kind of studies is becoming more popular?

•  9.       Are any new specialities planned?

10.What specialists does the institute prepare today?

11. Has the institute good conditions for studies?

12.Did any famous in the republic people graduate from the Forest Institute?