Education in Great Britain .

The System of Education in Great Britain is class divided. There are state and private schools in England . State schools are divided into infant schools, junior schools and secondary schools. British boys and girls begin to go to school at the age or 5. At the age of 7 they go to junior school. They study History, English, Geography, Moths, Sport, Art, Music, Computing, and Cooking. They study there for four years. Then they take the exams and enter the secondary schools.

There are 3 main types of secondary schools: grammar schools, modern schools and comprehensive schools. English schoolchildren go to a secondary school from 11 till 16 years. They don't go to school on Saturdays and Sundays. If you want to go to the University, you have to go to grammar school. Modern schools are not popular today. Most children (about 90 %) go to comprehensive schools.

There are also private schools in England . They are fee paying and expensive. They are for elite people. 10 % of the population attends the best-known private schools such as Eton , Harrow , Winchester , and some others.

It is possible to enter the best English Universities after leaving such schools.


Education in Russia .

Everyone in our country has the right to education. It is said in our Constitution. But it is not only the right, it is our duty too. Every boy and every girl in Russia must go to school and get secondary education. 9-year education is obligatory today.

There are schools of general education, where the pupils study Russian (or native language), Literature, Mathematics, History, Biology, Geography, Music, and Foreign Languages. There are also specialized schools, where pupils get profound knowledge of foreign languages, Math or Physics. There are different kinds of likes and grammar schools. After finishing the 9 th young people can enter the 10 th form or a vocational school, a technical school or college. They learn not only general subjects but receive a profession or a trade there. Children begin to go to school at the age of 7 and finish at the age of 17. There are 11 classes in our school today but they discuss the plans 12 classes. Some people like this idea, some – don't.