Books in our life.

We cannot imagine our life without books. They play a very important part in our life. There is practically no family that does not have books.

Books are our friends. We meet them when we are very small and cannot read, but we remember the pictures from them, we remember our mothers read them for us.

We learn very much from books.

Books educate people in different spheres of life. They develop our imagination, make us think and analyse. They help to form our character and the world-outlook. Books help us in self-education and deciding problems of life. They make our life more interesting.

People read both for knowledge and for pleasure. Different people read different books. Textbooks, scientific articles and some books on history or about the Nature are read for information. They help us with our lessons and work. We read serious books which help us understand the life, give us answers to the questions which worry us, they make us think. These are historical novels, books by the classics, books about the events that happen in real life, etc.

Many people enjoy so-called “easy-reading” – detectives, amusing humorous stories, fantastics. Unfortunately, there are books that make unhappy reading.

But so many people, some many tastes.

As for me I prefer to read adventure stories, full of interesting real facts and pictures, and detectives. My favorite author is Arthur Conan Doyle with his Holmes' Adventures.



to imagine – представить

practically – практически

to educate – образовывать, просвещать

a sphere – сфера

imagination – воображение

to analyse – анализировать

world - outlook – мировоззрение

self - education – самообразование

a knowledge – знание

a pleasure - удовольствие


sceintific – научный

to worry – беспокоить, волновать

so - called – так называемый

amusing – развлекательные

unfortunately – к сожалению

a taste – вкус

an author – автор

books that make unhappy reading – книги ,

которые трудно читать .