Agatha Christie.

I like to read detective stories. Thus my favourite English writer is Agatha Christie. She is known all over the world as the Queen of crime. She wrote 77 detective novels and books of stories and they are translated into many foreign languages. The most popular of her books are: ССThe Oriental Express'', ССThe Murder in the Vicar's House'', ССBlack Brothers'' and others. Those are books you could spend hours with. They are easy and interesting to read. I advise everybody to read A. Christie's novels and stories.

A. Christie was born in 1890 in England . Her father was an American but he lived in England for long years. He died when Agatha was 12, then she couldn't get a good education. She was very pensive and not talkative when she was a small girl. She always tried to get away from other people. Perhaps, as she was not talkative she began to write and she was better in writing than in speaking.

She began to write at the and of World War 1 and created Hercule Poirot Ц the most popular detective after Sherlock Holmes. Poirot, Miss Marple and her other detectives appeared in many films, radio programmes and stage plays based on her novels.

In 1958 A. Christie became a president of the club of detectivists. And she ran this club till her death in 1976. She died but her books will never die. To my mind, they will be popular for many, many years.



1.Who is known as the Queen of Crime?

2. Did she write many novels?

3. Are her novels read in many countries?

4. What are her most popular works?

5. Will you advise your friend to read them? Why?

6. Was A. Christie an English or American writer?

7. What education did she get?

8. Why did she begin to write?

9. Who was her most popular detective?

10. Do A.Christie's heroes appear in many films and plays?

11. She was the president of the club of detectivists, wasn't she?


pensive Ц задумчива¤, create Ц создавать, to run Ц руководить