What day is it today?

What season is it according to the calendar? (It's autumn because September, October and November are autumn months).

Does it look like autumn?

No, it looks like winter: there are no leaves on

the trees, there is snow on the houses, on the trees,

on the ground. There is frost in the air.

The temperature is below zero. It is winter temperature. Strong cold winds often blow. It snows / it rains. The days become shorter… it seems, there is fight between winter and autumn.



What do people wear in such weather?

They wear warm leather jackets, coats, raincoats with or without hoods. They have caps or hats on. They have gloves (mittens) on their hands. They have scarves on their necks. They have strong leather boots on their feet. They carry umbrellas to protect themselves against rain and sleet.

Is nature beautiful in autumn?

Does nature inspire poets to write poems?

What poems about nature do you know?


It looks like autumn. The leaves are falling from the trees. They are yellow, red, brown. The days become shorter, the nights – longer.