We live in the Komi Republic . Our republic lies in the north of our country near the Urals. The population of the republic is about 1 million people; among them: Komi, the Russians, the Ukrainians, the German, and many others. Some people speak Komi language. There are many nationalities in our republic and all the nationalities have equal rights. They live in friendship.

The republic is bounded by the Kirov region in the south, by the Arkhagelskaya region in the north and in the west, by the Komi-Perm national district and the Tumen region in the east. It is not washed by any seas. There are no high mountains in our republic (the highest of them are the North Urals ). But the republic has many rivers; the Sysola, the Vychegda , the Pechora and others. The Pechora is the longest river. It is rich in fish. The climate is cold and it is difficult to develop agriculture in the north. There are state farms in the republic. There are no collective farms. They grow cabbage, potatoes and carrots, they don't grow wheat and fruits. We develop industry in our republic. In Syktyvkar we produce paper, in Vorkuta coal is mined. Our republic is rich in forests, gas and oil.

Syktyvkar is the capital of our republic. Other large towns are: Vorkuta , Ukhta, Pechora , Inta. I love our republic.


•  1.      Does the Komi Republic lie in the south of Russia ?

•  2.      The Komi Republic is washed by the Arctic Ocean , isn't it?

•  3.      What is the population of the KR?

•  4.      Do all the people in the KR speak Komi language?

•  5.      What regions is our republic bounded by?

•  6.      Is the climate mild in our republic?

•  7.      There are many rivers in our republic, aren't there?

•  8.      Are there high mountains in our republic?

•  9.      Do the state farms grow wheat and fruit?

•  10. What is our republic rich in?