+ Hallo! Glad to see you!

- Hi! How are you?

+ Fine, thank you. I have not seen you before Christmas, congratulations! I wish you good luck, happiness, health and everything you wish yourself!

- Thank you very much! I also congratulate you on the New Year!

+ By the way, how did you celebrate Christmas, hope fine?

- Oh, yes, very nice! We had a wonderful party with my parents. We gave each other presents, danced a lot, listened to good music, laughed and played games.

+ I see you had a lot of fun!

- Oh, yes, really.

+ What did you get for New Year? Anything special?

- Oh, yes. A big box of sweets, a very interesting computer game. I found it under the tree!

+ You are lucky!

- But what about you?

+ I've also got many presents, by the way, one computer game too.

- Will you show it me?

+ Why not? Here you are...

- Thank you. Good – bye.

+ We shall meet at the square. Bye.