“Look out there, the Earth is beautiful,

Every living thing in harmony,

And the round the world today,

You can hear children say,

When they care about the

Earth, “Color me green”.


I remember this song, when somebody begins to speak about the Environment. Our Earth must be always green and clean. But sorry to say people often cause problems is environment.

What is the environment? It is everything around us. It includes all living things, and also the soil, the air and the water.

Human activities can make the environment unhealthy. The gasoline, burnet inside car engines, produces gases that poison the air. Factories burn fuels to run machines, and these burning fuels too, put poisons into the air. Many factories produce liquid wastes that run into rivers, air pollution can cause acid rains.

Acid water runs into rivers and lakes which become to acid that fish cannot survive, neither can trees and other plants. Knowing about these problems, we must do something. Many scientist look for ways to stop these problems.

For example there are laws against dumping poisons into rivers & lakes. People who break these laws should be punished.

But each of can also help nature. We can keep rivers and lakes clean, we can keep parks and forests clean, give food to birds and animals in winter, plant trees and flowers.

We must remember: the Earth is our HOME .


Find English equivalents:


Cause problems in environment – Вызывать проблемы экологии .

All living things – Все живое .

The soil, the water, the air – Почва , вода и воздух .

Human activities – Человеческая деятельность.

Environment unhealthy – Нездоровая окружающая среда.

Gasoline – Бензин .

Car engines – Двигатели машин .

Poison the air – Отравлять воздух .

Burning fuels – Сжигать топливо .

Acid rains – Кислотные дожди .

Survive – Выживать .

Laws against – Законы против .

Dumping poisons – Сливать отходы .

Break these laws – Нарушать законы.

Keep clean – Содержать в чистоте.