Speaking about cinema I'd like to tell you that one of the 1st cinema films was made by Edison, a great American engineer. He also made a machine to show films. The first real film show took place in Paris in 1895. The watchers could see the actors in the film doing something and talking, but could hear nothing. (Words on the screen explained the situation). Usually music played during the film show.

Cinema became very popular. They produce a lot of films today. Usually a film is made by many people. The scriptwriter prepares the script, actors and actresses play the roles, cameramen do the photography. The composer's work is also important, because music help us to understand the film better. All this collective work is headed by the director.

There're different kinds of films: comedies, dramas, adventure films, historical films. We can see all kinds of films on TV. Sometimes they show serials on TV.

As for me I prefer…



1. Who made one of the first cinema-films?

2. When did the first real film show take place?

3. What was the tack of the first films?

4. By whom is the film made?

5. What does the script-writer do?

6. Why is the composer's work important?

7. What is the director's job?

8. What kind of films do they make?

9. Where can we see their films?

10. Do they show serials on TV?

11. Do you like serials?