Great Britain was always rich in outstanding people: writers and poets, inventers and travelers singers and musicians… Who doesn't know the names of W. Shakespeare, R. Burns, G. Wells, M. Faraday, D. Livingston, J. Cook, P. McCartney and many, many others?

Margaret Thatcher, the former prime minister of Great Britain is also an outstanding person. Let's see, why…? While studding at school M. showed her interest in the conservative party. She was very capable to logic and analyses and decided to become a scientist, to be more exact a chemist. She entered the chemistry faculty of Oxford University and studied willingly at the same time she studied the works of ancient people and the speeches of modern lawyers (It goes without saying) juridical preparation helped her very much in her political activities, like any other girls marriage was an important event in Margaret's life. A famous businessman Dennis Thatcher became her husband. It was a happy marriage. In spite of the fact that she was very busy M. played great attention to her family: her husband a twines: a daughter a T. V. journalist and her son, who tried many professions but at last stopped and became a businessman, like his father.

Having brought up her children M. devoted her life to politics. In 1976 she was elected the (was elected) the prime -minister, the first lady of the country. She was elected prime-minister 3 times and it was a kind of record.

What was the reason of this success? M. was a very clever, industrious, calm and serious woman. Besides she had a strong will she always made wonderful speeches and was very skillful in discussions. She had a nickname of an “iron lady”, which had a positive meaning. The country had a lot of difficulties, when M. became the prime-minister. She managed to improve the condition of the economy and to make the life of improve the condition of the economy and to make the life of people better.

More that a 1000 bunches of flowers were brought to house when she announced her resignation. Now she is a Member of the House of Commons.


1. Is M. Thatcher an outstanding person?

2. When did she become interested in the Conservative party?

3. Where did she study after school?

4. What helped her much in her political activities?

5. How many times was she elected the prime-minister?

6. What is her nickname?

7. What did she do for her country?

8. Do English people love her?